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"Forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair." -Kahlil Gibran
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    When I saw the I want to climb the highest mountains of the internet post this immediately came to mind

  • "Repeat after me: I am not a problem to be solved. Repeat after me: I am worthy I am worthy; I am neither the mistake nor the punishment."
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    me introducing myself

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    I fucking quit

    i hate art

    "where’s your homework"

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    I would kill to be your clothes, cling to your body and hang from your bones

    Did this person just sew into their body to take a picture for the Internet


    For the record I’m just going to assume and say that they probably only sewed into the first layer ok skin which is painless.

    Not saying that this still isn’t odd
    But yea

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    the fact that people are like “Coca Cola supports racial equality, I’m not going to be drinking Coca Cola anymore” and “Google supports gay rights I’m not going to use them anymore” like what next “the Earth provides Oxygen to ethnic minorities I’m going to stop breathing in protest”


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    An overcrowded hippie bus at Woodstock 

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    Breakfast Birds.   Each morning at our small hotel in Maun, Botswana, the waitresses would refill a tray with stale bread. lots of different breeds would feed there -  images above (I’m sorry bird recognition is not my strong point)

    If any one knows what breeds they are  - please let me know! (thank you)

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